ABRA Fluid AG has the following second-hand Hot Isostatic Presses (HIP) in stock:

Second-Hand HIP 13-35-200-1500 (link)

Second-Hand HIP 7.5-12-300-2000 (link)

Business segment Isostatic Presses

For more than 25 years ABRA Fluid is one of the global market leaders in producing Isostatic Presses in the highest quality segment for customers all over the globe, amongst them you can find world market leaders such as Ceratizit, ETH Zurich or Schott glass manufacturing. Our product range in Isostatic segment contains Cold Isostatic Presses CIP, Hot Isostatic Presses HIP and we also offer Hot Isostatic Pressing Services.


High Pressure Freezing Machine HPM 010

Business segment High Pressure Freezing Machines

25 years ago ABRA Fluid has developed the High Pressure Freezing Machine HPM 010 as first producer to marketability. The basic development in High Pressure Freezing technology for medicinal samples has been performed by ETH Zurich. With more than 100 installations across the globe and more than 400 scientific publications the HPM 010 is the leading unit in the field of High Pressure Freezing research

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