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ABRA Fluid was incorporated in August 1988. The company’s production program consists of High Temperature and High Pressure units and the associated periphery equipment. We also offer certain services in general construction and engineering in the field of High Temperature and High Pressure.

A management buyout took place in January 1991, consequently 100% of the company’s shares are held by the leading engineers.

In agreement and close cooperation with our customers and in accordance with the general directives of the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (SIA), we lay down a contract whereby both parties can operate safely for the duration of the contract.

After our positive experience we are able to expand our services now.  Therefore, customer problems give us a challenge to solve these inquiries, and we are convinced of finding solutions above the average to the advantage of our customers.

The company’s head office is located at CH – 9443 Widnau, approx. 20 km from St. Gallen, south of Lake of Constance, near the Austrian and German borders, just 15 km from Lindau.
Travelling time from Kloten, Zurich Airport, to our company’s head office is one hour by car.



Foundation of ABRA AG with the aim to support the European customers with best service in High Temperature and High Pressure Technology.

ABRA AG can already provide the first Hot Isostatic Press HIP and Cold Isostatic Press CIP unit.

ABRA Sinter AG is founded. This affiliated company developes and distributes Low Pressure Sinter units, Hot Isostatic Presses, Cold Isostatic Presses worldwide.

Foundation of ABRA Fluid AG specialized in development and in manufacturing of pressure intensifiers for gases and fluids as well as gas cleaning systems and High Pressure units.

In a management buyout subsequently the production units of ABRA Sinter AG were also turned over to ABRA Fluid AG’s property. ABRA AG was liquidated by it’s owner in the nineties.


ABRA Fluid has already sold more than one hundred Cold and Hot Isostatic Presses across the globe. International active major customers with background of producing industry as well as leading universities use these presses for research of new materials.

Another high-tech-product is our High Pressure Freezing Machine HPM 010 which can be found worldwide within many research laboratories and is used for cryofixation of medicinal biological research. Single proteins or cells can be frozen within milliseconds in a way which avoids crystalline ice but produces only amorphous one. Like this the samples are not destroyed and stay fixed in an almost natural condition. (References available)

Some examples from industry-companies:



World market leader in manufacturing hard material products for wear protection and cutting tools. Worldwide 5’500 employees.



Bodycote International plc

Supplier of heat treatments, metal joining, Hot Isostatic Pressing and coating services. Worldwide 10’500 employees.




Major institute for the advancement of applied research in Europe. 23’000 employees.



Dana Group

Worldwide supplier of powertrain components such as axles, driveshafts, off-highway transmissions. 21’500 employees.



Schott AG

Manufacturer of high-quality industrial specialty glass products. 16’500 employees.



Kompozit JSC

Research, development and production of different materials for space technology. Involved in many space programs like Soyuz, MIR and ISS (International Space Station).


Some examples from research-institutions:


Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich

One of the best universities all over the world.



RWTH Aachen University

Major university for a technical course of studies in Germany.



mtc – Manufacturing Technology Centre

Research center for development of new industrial technologies. Major facility of this kind in the United Kingdom.

United Kingdom


Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne

One of the best universities all over the world.



Technical University of Berlin

Oldest university for a technical course of studies in Germany.



Defence Research & Development Organisation

Research-center for the advancement of Indian military technology.



Reasons for choosing ABRA Fluid

punktABRA Fluid produces Isostatic Presses of highest quality and global excellence concerning function and additional value.

punktCooperating with universities our well-experienced team of engineers develops freshest concepts for the whole range of products.

punktOur units operate product certificated conformable the standards TUEV/CE, PED or ASME – depending on customer request.

punktABRA Fluid is on the world market for more than 25 years and hence can take advantage from a treasure of experience for decades from which you as our customer will benefit. With ABRA Fluid AG at your side you have access to a strong and reliable partner at all times. We are independent of banks and self-financing.

punktWe supply all spare parts irrespective of the age of a unit. Our customers have the guarantee that spare parts for their machines are available steadily.

punktYou have a central contact person who knows the High Pressure and High Temperature units in great detail. Occurring problems will be solved short-termed by using either phone support or remote maintenance. In case further fieldwork analysis should become necessary we will be at your place in the shortest time possible.


Quality Assurance

In compliance with the guidelines of SIA – Swiss Engineers and Architects Association – our processes are organized in a way which assures reaching the highest quality possible according to strict Swiss standard. We are working with a huge net of sub-suppliers who also offer top quality. These firms are constantly inspected and certificated internally. You as our customer can be assured that this process from receiving the order until delivery of the machine is accurately taken care of in a way the unit can be worked with on time and in best quality. Yet the process is not finished for us at the date of delivery of the machine. You will be handed substantial documentation about your product to make sure the operators can read themselves in the matter besides attending a course of instruction. According to that you can rely on being supported by our qualified phone service.

ABRA Fluid AG, Espenstrasse 135, CH-9443 Widnau       Tel. +41 / 71 722 78 72       Fax. +41 / 71 722 78 75       Email: