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Hot Isostatic Presses - Basic functions

ABRA Fluid, one of the largest manufacturers of Hot & Cold Isostatic Presses introduces its Hot Isostatic Press Production Unit (HIP). Hot Isostatic Presses serve to produce workpieces without weak spots or welding cracks, but with optimal weight, best material property and long product life. By Hot Isostatic Pressing such workpieces can be manufactured with low costs and especially time efficient.
Hot Isostatic Pressing is a heat treatment process which occurs by using high pressures (usually up to 2’000°C and 200 MPa pressure). In order to reach the required workpiece specifications the cast parts are heated in argon atmosphere with all side effective gas pressure and high temperatures beneath their flow limit, so that diffusion controlled creep processes set in and lead to densification. Through this process internal cavities and residual porosity are removed from cast or sintered workpieces. Also like this various materials in either solid or powder metallurgically form can be merged with each other or applied as coating. Powder metallurgically materials can be compressed down to their theoretical density. After this they show characteristics which could have never been reached in the usual melting metallurgical way.

Research and application fields of Hot Isostatic Presses:

punkt    Research of optimal carbide components used in mass-production of parts (machined and wearing parts industry) such as indexable inserts, scalpels, core bits etc.

punkt    Research of ceramic alloys for medical components such as dental technology and artificial joints for the human musculoskeletal apparatus; highly wear resistant parts such as ball bearings and rolls etc.

punkt    Research and manufacturing of high temperature steels

punkt    Research of superconducting basic materials

This listing is not terminatory but shows the most important application fields.


Hot Isostatic Press (Ø500 mm; H1'500 mm; P 200 MPa)

Hot Isostatic Presses HIP

Hot Isostatic Presses HIP of medium to large size are mainly used by our customers in manufacturing industry in a 3-shift operation or customers in space research.

Laboratory Hot Isostatic Presses of small size are mainly used for our customers in the field of research. Basically it covers the field of fundamental research. Various top universities (ETH Zurich – Lab Hot Isostatic Press) trust in working with our units.


Laboratory Hot Isostatic Press (Ø130 mm; H250 mm; P 200 MPa)

Our Hot Isostatic Presses are available in the following sizes of working space:

punkt    with a diameter range between 100 mm – 1’000 mm

punkt    with a height range between 120 mm – 1’500 mm

punkt    with an operating pressure range between 100 MPa (1’000 bar) – 300 MPa (3’000 bar)

punkt    Interchangeable furnaces for several temperatures and atmospheres

punkt    with a temperature range between 1’000°C – 2’000°C

punkt    two or more zones furnace design


Isolation Cap for HIP with Isolation until 2'000°C

Hot Isostatic Pressing Services at our own HIP

Customers are offered Hot Isostatic Pressing Services at our in-house Hot Isostatic Press.

We can offer the following specifications:

punkt    in operating pressure range up to 200 MPa

punkt    in temperature range up to 2’000°C

This offer is often used by smaller universities or companies who want to avoid the fixed costs of operating an own Hot Isostatic Press or are standing at the beginning of a series of tests. Our process engineers will be happy to advise you in this matter.


Several HIP-CIP Parts


Free Phone Support


TÜV/CE, PED und ASME Zertifizierung


Innovative Control-Software

Your advantages when working with Isostatic Presses from ABRA Fluid

ABRA Fluid as one of the leading manufacturers of Isostatic Presses has a long-time experience in conception as well as research and further development of these units. Thanks to close cooperation with institutions such as e.g. Swiss top university ETH Zurich and other notable customers mutual know-how is developed into a direction of always assuring that our final products are state-of-the-art technology.

Hereinafter some important concept details:

punkt    Redundancy pressure intensifier with large plants and at 3-shift operation (switchable directly if required)

punkt    Hot Isostatic Press planned for 3-shift operation

punkt    Completely newly developed sealing system for prolonged service life and reduced wearout failure

punkt    Remote maintenance connecting the control system of your Hot Isostatic Press with our headquarters

punkt    Various levels of pressure generation and pressure reduction programmable by using MMI

punkt    Certificated conformable the standards TUEV/CE, PED or ASME – depending on customer request

punkt    Optimized sequence of the process for shortest cycle time leading to higher efficiency

punkt    Modern design

punkt    Guaranteed shortest possible production interruption by using an easy to maintain, elaborated construction

punkt    Excellent finish in detail → Swiss Quality

punkt    Extensive instruction on the machine with comprehensive, clear product documentation

punkt    Contact person experienced with our units with direct number – qualified support

punkt    References available

Further Impressions


Hot Isostatic Press (Ø200 mm; H300 mm; P 200 MPa)

molybdenum furnace

Molybdenum Furnace for HIP

CFC Furnace / Heating

CFC Furnace for HIP

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